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Trimalco Apollo XL 210 Multi Substrate Cutter



The new Apollo XL 210 Multi Substrate Cutter

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The new Apollo XL can cut materials up to 20mm (3/4”) thick. It cuts cleanly, accurately, without dust and without noise and is the most affordable heavy duty cutter available.

The Apollo XL is available in 4 sizes from 165cm (65”) to 310cm (122”), “The only thing that isn’t XL is the price”

•3 x Quick change tool cartridges.
•An integrated laser sight line (all tools share acommon cut line).
•An integral counter balance which reduces operatorfatigue and leaves hands free for loading material.
•Two production stops, making repeat cuts for productionruns quick and accurate.
•Two Quick Stops for added lateral support.
•A full length clamping system, dual clamps on the 250 and310 models.
•A 5 year guarantee on all parts except blades and cuttingwheels and a 20 year guarantee on the cuttinghead bearings.

•PVC foam board up to 13mm (1/2”)
•Corrugated plastics up to 20mm (3/4”)
•Foamboard up to 20mm (3/4”)
•Honeycomb board up to 20mm (3/4”)
•Most other semi rigid plastics
•Magnetic sheet up to 4mm
•Aluminium composites up to 4mm
•MDF up to 3mm
Plus many more.

•Aluminium Sheets 1mm (.040”)
•Score and break acrylic up to 6mm (1/4”)
•Score and break glass up to 6mm (1/4”)
•V-Groove aluminium composites

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